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Providing services to residents of Saskatchewan as well as to businesses and commercial companies, we are Western Canada's top choice for removals, transportation and storage. We offer top-notch moving services to Saskatoon and Regina residents, as well as the same excellent service to those living in towns and rural locations.

At Red Mile Moving, our customers get a reliable and full moving service. We take you every step of the way, from dismantling furniture and packing it up to rebuilding it in a new location.Whether you’re looking from movers from Calgary to Edmonton or moving services in Saskatchewan, we can help.

MMoving in Saskatchewan

With more than 1 million residents, Saskatchewan has its fair share of workers, renters and homeowners. While the majority of residents are settled in Saskatoon and Regina, smaller prairie towns are also where some of our customers reside.

Named after what the Cree originally titled the 'swift flowing river', this province's borders contain a total 592,534 square kilometres of land. For our trucks and moving teams, that's a lot of ground to cover! But just like the swift-flowing river, we transport everything quickly and efficiently.

Our drivers and moving teams are experienced and professional, whether they are working in high heat or the bitter cold of winter. We’ll always make sure that your belongings are transported safely, meaning we are never deterred by a vintage piano or the finest of delicate glass cabinets.

Areas We Serve:

We provide moving and storage services for both Saskatchewan residents and business owners.

The areas we serve include:

  • Swift Current
  • Moose Jaw
  • North Battleford
  • Saskatoon
  • Kindersley
  • Regina

Whether you require moving services from Saskatoon to Regina or need us to collect or deliver items to any of these other cities and nearby towns, Red Mile Moving has you covered.

Moving Services We Provide in Saskatchewan (SK)

Residential Moving

Serving Saskatoon's towns and cities, we provide residential moving services from North Battleford to Moose Jaw and beyond. Our residential moving services can include optional storage or we can transport all of your belongings straight from A to B.

Working around your schedule, we'll help turn a stressful house move into a happy memory. With moving services Regina homeowners can use to relocate or families in Kindersley can trust for their next big adventure, we are always reliable and are experts in removals and transportation.

Our residential moving services can also include the disassembly of your furniture. We know that it’s never easy to take down a bed, dismantle a wardrobe or fit an armchair through a door. That’s why our expert movers will go above and beyond to make everything easier to manage. Providing all of the right packaging materials and using the right type for each item, our movers will also make sure that all items are ready to travel.

Once you're ready to move into your new home, let us take any complications away. We'll move every item to the right room, as well as unpack everything on your behalf. And if you want, we'll also rebuild your furniture so that it is ready to use.

Commercial Moving

Commercial moves can be complicated to plan. If you are moving offices in Saskatoon or Regina or are relocating your shop from Moose Jaw to Swift Current, we can help with professional commercial moving services.

Our movers appreciate that time is money for your business. As such, we will arrive on schedule, pack up quickly and move your belongings efficiently. In next to no time, you'll be in your new building and ready to get back to work. Whatever we need to transport, and however far across Western Canada you're planning to move, you can rely on Red Mile Moving.

Our services can also include packing and storage. If you have a lot of desks to move, we can even help to dismantle them and get them ready for the journey. We minimise disruption and stay on track to fit with your business plans.

Long-Distance Moving

For long-distance moving, there's no better choice than Red Mile Moving. Our expert drivers can make the long trip across the Saskatchewan landscape. We also travel cross-province to Alberta or British Columbia.

Covering the entirety of Western Canada, we offer long-distance residential and commercial moving to many cities and towns. Our drivers can move your belongings across flatlands and prairies, around lakes and rivers and even across provincial borders.

You can't always time your move for the very best of Saskatchewan weather. That’s why our drivers are fully prepared for long-distance travel in the snow. Moving furniture and relocating your property is exactly what we're here for. We go the distance for every customer.


Saskatchewan residents are welcome to make use of our Red Mile Moving storage services. Protected against the elements and intruders, our secure heated storage facilities are suited for any type of furniture or valuable.

If you are temporarily living between homes or are unsure about which furniture you'll actually want to keep, then why not store some away? We have heated storage facilities designed to keep your belongings safe and secure.

You can always access your belongings with 24-hour notice. Or, let us take care of everything with collection and drop-off for your property. We can pack items for storage, take them away and return them when you need them again. You can also choose Red Mile Moving for temporary storage while you're undergoing your move.

We complete a full inventory of items that are put into storage. This inventory protects your items during their time in our storage facilities. Nothing gets in or out without us knowing.

Delivering Quality Customer Service

At Red Mile Moving, we don't just collect and deliver your furniture. We also deliver excellent service for commercial and residential customers. From providing packing materials to offering interim storage, we'll make your move as stress-free as possible.

Our success as movers in Okotoks, Alberta has led us to expand our services into Saskatchewan. And here, we're going from strength to strength. We go above and beyond, from first contact through to the final drop off.

Contact Us: 403-690-3888

If you require moving or storage services in Saskatchewan, Red Mile Moving is ready to help. If you’d like to know what we can do for you or require a quote for our services, contact us today!